The Soft Playground
(ages 10 and under)
- $7 per child all day, $1 per adult with child -

This 14’ tall, dual-level playground utilizes a unique tensioned web system that provides a soft, durable floor that is both safe and fun. Among its 14 activities, this vibrantly colored playground includes a swing, bridges, hanging obstacles, and the fastest slide in the state (probably)!
*Socks Required*
Spin Zone Bumper Cars
(min. 36” height)
- $3 per ride -

The Spin Zone is Just Fun’s dazzling bumper car ride. Great for kids and adults alike, our “twist” is a spinning feature activated by hitting the cars in a special spot during the ride, sending the car into an uncontrolled spin! Complete with music and party lights, The Spin Zone is a bumper car ride you’ll want over and over!
Featuring over 40 games, the Just Fun arcade offers a wide variety of fun for everybody! Almost all of our games only cost 1-3 tokens, and when you’re done playing, you can cash in your tickets at our expansive prize counter—or save them for next time!
(min. 36” height)

This innovative attraction is a game of basketball played on trampolines! Players are given a soft ball and separated by a tall barrier. They must use the trampoline to jump high enough to throw the ball into their opponent’s goal.
- $2 per player -
* Socks Required * 
Bazooka Ball
(ages 7 and older)
This fun, high-energy game is perfect for ages 7 and older. Players are split into two teams who go head-to-head in the Battle Zone arena. Each player wears a helmet and neon vest and is equipped with a gun that fires soft Bazooka Balls. Perfectly safe; perfectly fun! The game is timed, and the team with the most points at the end wins!
- $7.50 per player -

Battle Ball
(ages 11 and older)
This intense game of skill and teamwork uses real paintball guns and rubber balls—no mess! Players are divided into two teams and given a protective vest, helmet, and gun fully loaded with shots. The team with the most points when time runs out claims victory!
- $7.50 per player, $.50 for 50 extra shots
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Black Light Mini Golf
$7.50 7 years and Up 
$6.50 6 years & Under
18 holes full sized holes played in a completely black light lit room. You will encounter a variety of obstacles, rolling greens, multi level holes, and a few of our funny animal golfers along the way. Both kids and adults will test their skills and have fun.